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Transferable Skills

As a graduate student, you have gained a number of skills that are applicable to many types of careers. Whether you plan to continue your career in academia or to transition to another field, identifying and communicating your transferable skills will be an important part of your job search. This process is especially important as you consider a career outside of academia. The skills you have developed are not always directly related to your teaching and research experience so start by thinking broadly. The School of Graduate Studies and UMKC Career Services have worked together to provide examples and tools to assist you in identifying these skills. You may want to share these skills in your CV, cover letter, or interview. As you scroll through the lists, do a self-assessment by asking yourself the questions in the right hand column and listing them in your application documents.


Graduate Student Transferable Skills

Communication Skills

Creativity, Initiative, and Entrepreneurship Skills

Management and Organizational Skills

Problem-Solving Skills

Corresponding Action Verbs

As you incorporate transferable skills in your application materials, this list of action verbs may prove helpful for describing your experiences.